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Schedule A: Studio Rules
All Aerial 3 members and those that are using the studio on a trial basis are expected to abide by the Studio Rules and membership Terms and Conditions.
Any member or user of the facilities provided who conducts themselves in an improper manner, or knowingly violates any Studio Rules may be refused access and have their membership terminated (refer to Terms and Conditions). Aerial 3 reserves its right to amend the Studio Rules at any time without notice.
Use of abusive, discriminative or provocative language will not be tolerated.
Aerial 3 reserves the right to terminate the membership of any person that is deemed (at the sole discretion of Aerial 3) to be threatening, rude or intimidating to other members or staff.
Any reports relating to the conduct of others, care of the facility or studio staff should be reported directly to the Aerial 3 management.
Correct Apparel
Aerial 3 requires all clients to wear the correct apparel being a shirt, singlet or other top
worn with pants or shorts. Apparel must not have zippers or other hard edges that could damage the equipment. Only specialised shoes are not to be worn when on the equipment.
Jewellery is to be removed before class.
All clothing changes must be done in the changing rooms.
Property Belonging to Members and Other Users of the Premises
Aerial 3 members and other users of the Premises may use the cubbyholes provided on the Premises for personal possessions. All property must be removed immediately following your session.
Aerial 3 will not be responsible for any loss or damage to property belonging to members, those undertaking a trial at the Premises or any person in or around the Premises. However, if loss or damage does occur, Aerial 3 will take appropriate steps to assist.
All members and those undertaking a trial at the Premises may be asked to pay reparations in full for loss or damage to equipment or property belonging to other members.
Any misplaced or lost property belonging to members or other users of the Premises, once handed in, will be located at Reception and can be collected during office hours. Aerial 3 reserves the right to dispose of the property without notice if not collected within one (1) month.
Property Belonging to Aerial 3
No property belonging to Aerial 3 may be taken off the Premises at any time.
All members and those undertaking a trial at the Premises may be asked to pay reparations in full for loss or damage to equipment or property belonging to Aerial 3.
Members and those undertaking a trial at Aerial 3 are not permitted to offer any personal training assistance or exercise advice to others. Aerial 3 will not accept any responsibility for consequences that may occur when members or those undertaking a trial at Aerial 3 give instructions to others on how to use the equipment. All members and those using the facilities on the Premises are doing so at their own risk. For personalised assistance contact an Aerial 3 Personal Trainer.
Aerial 3 members or other users of the Premises should be aware of their own fitness and exercise limits and should not exceed those limits. Please inform your instructor of your exercise limits.
Please notify the instructor before the session if you have sustained any injuries, illnesses or medical conditions or if you feel there are parts of the session you are unable to take part in – participation is completely voluntary. All information given to the instructor is completely private and confidential. Please ask as many questions as possible during the session, especially if you do not completely understand any move that is demonstrated.
Any concerns over equipment should be reported to the instructor immediately.
All directions from the instructor are to be followed at all times.
Open Training Time classes are available to approved members. These classes are unsupervised and whoever attends will not hold Aerial 3 liable in any way, for any injury that occurs. Safe practice and common sense is required at all times including but not limited to the use of safety mats, proper warm up and careful execution of skills practiced.
Food and Drink
Food is not permitted in the training area at any time. Drinks consumed during workouts must be in a container with a lid.
Members and other users of the Premises must clean up after themselves.
No alcohol or smoking of any kind is permitted in or around the Premises.
Parking Rules
Members and other users of the Premises must abide by traffic and parking signs posted around the Premises and must be courteous to other drivers.
If you park in a reserved, restricted or no parking area, Aerial 3 reserves the right to have your car clamped or towed at your expense.
Injuries and Emergencies
We take the health and safety of our members seriously. If an injury has occurred on the Premises, an incident report must be filed at the time of injury. If you discover or witness an injury on the Premises, please notify staff immediately after taking appropriate action to ensure the injured member's safety as well as your own.
Please call 111 for all serious emergencies.
If an emergency occurs which requires evacuation from the Premises, please follow our evacuation plan and fire exit signs posted within the Premises leading you to the nearest exit.
Use of Equipment
Members and other users of the Premises must not misuse, move or alter any of the equipment or property on the Premises.
Please only use one piece of equipment at a time.
Equipment must be handled with care at all times. Any intentional abuse may result in automatic termination of your membership. Equipment should be returned to its proper place after use.

Schedule B: Waiver
● I recognise that Aerial 3 provides Aerial Fitness training and that participation in activities at Aerial 3 are a conscious choice. I understand that, to the best of their ability, Aerial 3 Instructors will provide a safe environment to train Aerials, but accidents can still happen.
● I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Aerial 3 in any changes to my health including any new medical condition before attending classes/training.
● While Aerial 3 holds health and safety paramount, I must assume and accept all responsibility for any personal injuries. I hereby waive and release Aerial 3 and its premises at 366B Tuam Street, Christchurch, from any liability for injuries or other harm and damages resulting from my participation on the premises.
● I am aware that Aerial training is fun but can also be very challenging, and that there are certain risks that cannot be eliminated such as: exposure to bruises, burns, and overall discomfort. I recognise there are many serious risks and waive all liability for sprains, fractures, paralysis, broken bones, psychological distress & all other serious injuries.
● As a student at Aerial 3 I am responsible for myself and my fellow students and accept that the use of alcohol or drugs before/during classes is completely unacceptable, and that I am to report to staff if there is any suspicious activity in this regard.
● Aerial training may require that students are touched by the instructors to demonstrate correct postures, correct form, technique, or to prevent accidents. I understand that when engaged in Aerial training I may be touched by other students or staff. The participant is expected to report to the management with any concerns in this regard.
● The participant grants Aerial 3 the right to photograph and/or video record you. Images, video footage and other reproductions of physical likeness and voice recordings may be used or incorporated into advertising, marketing or publicising material of Aerial 3.

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