Member's waiver

  • I recognise that Aerial 3 provides Aerial Fitness training and that participation in activities at Aerial 3 are a conscious choice. I understand that, to the best of their ability, Aerial 3 Instructors will provide a safe environment to train Aerials, but accidents can still happen.

  • I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Aerial 3 in any changes to my health including any new medical condition before attending classes/training.

  • While Aerial 3 holds health and safety paramount, I must assume and accept all responsibility for any personal injuries. I hereby waive and release Aerial 3 and its premises at 366B Tuam Street, Christchurch, from any liability for injuries or other harm and damages resulting from my participation on the premises. 

  • I am aware that Aerial training is fun but can also be very challenging, and that there are certain risks that cannot be eliminated such as: exposure to bruises, burns, and overall discomfort. I recognise there are many serious risks and waive all liability for sprains, fractures, paralysis, broken bones, psychological distress & all other serious injuries. 

  • As a student at Aerial 3 I am responsible for myself and my fellow students and accept that the use of alcohol or drugs before/during classes is completely unacceptable, and that I am to report to staff if there is any suspicious activity in this regard. 

  • Aerial training may require that students are touched by the instructors to demonstrate correct postures, correct form, technique, or to prevent accidents. I understand that when engaged in Aerial training I may be touched by other students or staff. The participant is expected to report to the management with any concerns in this regard. 

  • The participant grants Aerial 3 the right to photograph and/or video record you. Images, video footage and other reproductions of physical likeness and voice recordings may be used or incorporated into advertising, marketing or publicising material of Aerial 3.